When allowing us to care for your outdoor living space, expect something special.

Landscape Master specializes in patios and walkways.  Our designs may feature your choice of natural stone or natural looking 

man-made products. 

We realize that in Wisconsin a good base is the most important aspect to creating a solid foundation for a patio or walkway.  For most patios we excavate 8-10 inches.  The area is then filled in with Traffic Bond compacted every 2 inches until the desired height is met.   

Once we have established a good base, we set the proper pitch and begin laying the stones in place.

Below are just a few patio types we have installed.

  • Walkway1A.jpg
  • Patio1A.jpg
  • Stairs1A.JPG
  • Rustic Gold Fireplace, Outdoor.JPG
  • Rustic Gold Patio.JPG
  • Outcropping Stairs, Outdoor.JPG
  • grid_thumbnail_7656437_1422457059.png
  • grid_thumbnail_7656441_1422457059.png
  • grid_thumbnail_7656433_1422457059.png
  • grid_thumbnail_7656432_1422457059.png
  • grid_thumbnail_7656418_1422458660.png
  • IMG_4560 (1).jpg
  • IMG_6860.jpg
  • IMG_6863 (2).jpg
  • IMG_3133.jpg
  • IMG_4091.jpg
  • IMG_3944.jpg
  • IMG_1396.jpg
  • IMG_7942.jpg
  • IMG_7937.jpg
  • IMG_3688.jpg
  • IMG_7997.jpg
  • IMG_4667.jpg
  • IMG_8014 (1).jpg
  • tj4.jpeg
  • kari3.jpeg
  • cedarburg.jpeg
  • kari1.jpeg
  • richfield1.jpeg
  • dan hab1.jpeg
  • Hank 1.jpeg