Hardscapes and Yard Services

When you allow us to care for your outdoor living space, you can expect something special.

Night Lighting

Night lighting has more impact than just illuminating your outdoor spaces.  Your lighting design,  when properly installed, can push the physical and visual boundaries of your property.  It can extend your living space and the visual appeal of your landscape is enhanced.  


Your home property is unique and therefore your yard will be transformed to reflect that uniqueness and meet your individual taste.  You can choose from a variety of nighttime lighting techniques that create the perfect evening outdoor landscape. 

Outdoor Living

Landscape Master can make your outdoor living more enjoyable & last longer.  Gas fire pits radiate heat, which allows you to spend more time outside.  These fire pits make you feel warmer outside; earlier in the spring and later into the fall. They make the long Wisconsin Winters a little easier to tolerate.


The simple convenience of gas makes it easier to enjoy the outdoors.  Both the grill and the firepit are easy to use and maintain.  The grill also comes with a less expensive propane option.  The fireplace can be installed with a gas or simple wood burner option.

Patios, Walkways

& Stairs

Landscape Master specializes in patios and walkways.  Our designs may feature your choice of natural stone or natural looking

man-made products. 


We realize that in Wisconsin a good base is the most important aspect to creating a solid foundation for a patio or walkway.  For most patios we excavate 8-10 inches.  The area is then filled in with Traffic Bond compacted  every 2 inches until the desired height is met.   


Once we have established a good base, we set the proper pitch and begin laying the stones in place.

Below are just a few patio types we have installed.

Plantings & Yards

Let Landscape Master help make your landscape vision a reality.  You will appreciate our planting designs which allow for beautiful year round color, filled with alluring frangrances to attract birds and butterflies.  Imagine coming home to a yard you and

your family can truly appreciate.


All of our shrubs and trees come with a one year warranty if a proper watering schedule is applied.


Our lawns are created with Kentucky Blue Grasses and Perennial Rye Grasses for fast germination. 

In addition, we hay mat to prevent erosion.

Retaining Walls

Not all retaining walls are created equal.  Our retaining walls are built to last.  We begin by excavating  8-10 inches below the first course, and 3-4 feet behind the wall.  The area below the first course is filled in with Traffic Bond and compacted approximately every 2 inches until the desired height is met.  The area behind the wall contains drain gravel.  Depending on the type and size of the wall,

we use: perforated drain tile, geo grid, dead-men...