About Landscape Master

Landscape Master L.L.C takes your ideas and transforms them into a finished product.  We use the latest products to keep up with the old and new styles.  Along the building process we will explain why certain things are being done to ease your mind.  You will appreciate the full days dedicated to your home - No job to job jumping.  Our contracts are very detailed, so you know exactly what you are getting. We use certified contractors when the job calls for it. (ie. A plumber to install a gas line for an outdoor grill.)

You will receive the latest products at a fair price, since we use a multitude of vendors to offer a wide product selection at competitive prices.  Our methods of installation are tried and true.  We are an insured contractor who stands behind our work.  From start to finish we appreciate your ideas.  Your input is important to us and appreciate your feedback throughout the process.  Your vision becomes our goal and we find success by turning your ideas into reality.  

Reviews & Testimonials

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My wife and I built a new Lake home. Contractors seldom include this big ticket item in the budget. Wish i had known this IN ADVANCE. But landscaping was a key aspect of our dream lake home. It had to be done well. We received multiple bids and nearly choked on all of them. A local stone yard recommended we use Landscape Master and we had them over for a bid. The creativity of the plan was inspiring and the pricing was FAIR.

Early in the project, I arrived after work to see that the curve of the stone staircase was different than my expectations. Landscape Master never BLINKED and changed it without even a strange steer my way. This added HOURS of work on their side. The more you sit with James the owner, the more trust you gain in him. His knowledge is broad and his ability to dream alongside you with a fair but not outlandish budget is second to none. I just told him the other day that when a team is on your property for weeks at a time, you are bound to catch them doing something that rubs you the wrong way. But the secret sauce to Landscape Master is James has brilliantly assembled teams that are incented to work hard, not waste time and do the job RIGHT. And when they hire a new person, it is usually a person that already knows someone on their team and is trusted and their work ethic is established. They really do work as a cohesive team and we were so moved by them that my wife MADE me rush to the ATM for some cash on the evening of their last day here to give them a special financial HUG from us for helping create our personal shangri la without bankrupting us.

I trusted James's inspiration and our yard is now gorgeous. He explains things in layman's terms and will honor his promise to you. I would only warn you that his FIRM handshake (from years of hard work) will break your hand if you are not properly braced for hit. But the good news is that when James DOES shake your hand, he MEANS it and stands by it. In a world which can often be riddled with RIP OFF artists, it will lead you to write reviews like this so that others can also know that you can trust this company and it's people. We need companies like this to thrive. MY WIFE is a stickler for detail and she can be a tough customer if mistreated. We spent tens of thousands of dollars with James and he has truly inspired us and we know if we ever have a problem, he stands by his sometimes painful handshake and a leader like that deserves rave reviews.

Rich Kellaher

 After speaking with numerous landscapers, we decided to use Landscape Master. The work that was done three years ago appears like it was just done. My wife and I were able to get exactly what we were looking to do within the budget. We will be using Landscape Master for future products.

Jake Replogle

I am writing this on behalf of James Schumacher, Owner of Landscape Master LLC in the greater Milwaukee metro market. My wife and I recently built a new home in Waukesha and sought a landscape contractor who could make the vision and dream that we had for our home and yard a reality. We have had terrible luck dealing with other contractors and have found dealing with them to be a painful process at best. In researching landscape contractors from the area, James' honesty, integrity, and character clearly stood out from the rest. From start to finish, this has been a great experience.


James was very helpful up front in helping design a layout that worked for us and explaining the different aspects of the job to be completed. It has been my experience that most contractors struggle with clearly establishing timelines, and also with communication in general. That is not the case with Landscape Master. They started the job along the initially stated timeline and in spite of difficulties with the weather, their Inspired and motivated crews showed up early each day and worked long hours. It is my opinion that James places a high value on communication, workmanship and customer service. The end result has been a job which has added value and made our home look great!


In conclusion, I'd highly recommend Landscape Master LLC to anyone seeking top shelf landscape work. You will not regret making the decision to do business with James. Thank you and please feel free to reach out with any questions.



Josh Nelson

We would like to take a moment to thank you for the wonderful work Landscape Masters has done transforming our rather needy lot into a beautiful landscape we greatly enjoy.


 The colorful Chilton outcroppings,the softly curved sidewalk pavers and the smartly understated patio retaining wall all look fantastic. They all flow together well. You did a great job unifying our entire yard from front to back. We especially enjoy being outside at night when the low voltage lighting perfectly highlights our beautiful landscape. 


It was fun planning and imagining possibilities once we began. But we really needed help especially with the hardscaping.  Through collaboration our plans eventually evolved and improved markedly. Your suggestions throughout the project were much appreciated as they greatly enhanced the look and feel of the final product. 


Finally, thank you for all your softscaping expertise. We love our plant selections and placements. Ginny and I enjoyed working with a blank slate but choosing plants, grasses, bushes and trees for our rather large lot was,at first, a bit overwhelming. But we got through with your advice and the strong backs of the entire Landscapes Masters crew. Thank you for all your efforts . 

Thomas and Virginia B Brost 

Why Us?

Great Service

You can expect excellent customer service because we love to serve our customers. We pride ourselves at being the best and look forward to proving ourselves to you.

Priority On Safety

When working with tools and heavy equipment, safety matters. We take precautions to make sure everyone and everything on your property is safe. From job construction to cleaning up after completion, your safety and the safety of our employees is important. 

Great Reputation 

We've been creating beautiful spaces for nearly 20 years and love serving our community. Sure, there are other contractors you could choose but we want to add you to our long list of satisfied clients.